Android: Open Source Mobile Devices

The free and open source book, The Android Desktop Survival Guide introduces the Android mobile device operating system (as found on smart phones, tablets, and other computers). The book undergoes regular updates and aims to explain simply all aspects of using this open source portable device based on Linux. The book is being written by Dr Graham Williams, author of the Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide and the Data Mining Desktop Survival Guide.

An electronic PDF version presents the same material as available on the website but more carefully formatted as a single eBook It is available from Togaware for a small donation ($40) to help cover costs and encourage ongoing development. The current version of the book is minimal but growing. The financial donation allows you to download updates as PDF for one year.

The AnalyticDroid from Togaware is an experimental Android application for controlling analytics from a mobile device using an R Server. [100315]

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